Breast Reduction Cost

Many women, and even some men, want breast reduction surgery. Unless you’ve dealt with it yourself, you can’t imagine the discomfort and pain associated with overly large breasts—especially if you are an active runner or sports enthusiast. But before you go ahead, you’ll want to find out how much does breast reduction cost?

And men suffer embarrassment and stress if they have “man boobs”, which can be caused by excessive alcohol consumption, smoking marijuana or too much estrogen accumulated from their environment.

What Can Influence the Breast Reduction Cost?

§       Surgeon’s fee

§       Anesthesia fee

§       Facility fee

§       Medications needed

§       Post surgical costs

§       Breast size

The anesthesia fee usually runs from R5’500. And you can expect the facility (either hospital or outpatient facility) to be from R15’000.

The surgeon’s fee may vary because of length of surgery due to breast size and how much reshaping and tissue removal is necessary.  Also, the surgeon’s geographical location is a factor. Doctors in densely populated areas tend to be more expensive due to demand and overhead. Also, the doctor’s experience is to be considered. Never consider a surgeon who doesn’t have the experience needed to do a good job. A very loose, general figure is R16’000

Medications depend on the uniqueness of each individual case, as do post surgical costs.

Will Your Medical Insurance Cover The Breast Reduction Cost?

If you have a great deal of back, shoulder and/or neck pain because of your breast size, insurance will usually cover it, or at the very least SOME of it. Most insurance companies expect a doctor’s report attesting to that health issue. They won’t, however, cover the surgery if it is cosmetic only, and men won’t usually get the coverage.

Overall Breast Reduction Cost?

Figuring in all the above fees, and the other expenses, the total breast reduction cost of the procedure will generally run from R37’000.

You may get help from insurance, but if not, most plastic surgery practices will work with you on a payment plan you can manage.

We have the very qualified, experienced plastic surgeons you can rely on. And it is our practice to work with you on a payment schedule you can handle if you need finance.

If you are uncomfortable or in pain and/or can’t do activities without pain because of your overly large breasts or just want your clothes to fit better, come in for a consultation. We’ll give you all your options, and discuss any fees not covered by insurance.

Breast reduction can be a blessing!

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