Breast Implants Cost

Perhaps you are naturally “under-endowed”, or your breasts have changed with pregnancy and breast feeding, and you’re not pleased with the way they droop and seem kind of flat. Or maybe you’ve aged and your breasts aren’t as “perky” as they once were. And you’d like to do something about it—but you aren’t sure of the breast implants cost involved.

We’ll take a look at what breast implants cost, as well as whay you can expect with breast augmentation—a popular cosmetic surgical procedure, better known as a boob job.

How much do breast implants cost?

Here are the fees you can count on, and you’ll sometimes have more:

  • Pre-op tests during the consultation start at R700
  • Surgeon’s fee from R12’000
  • Cost of implants from R8’500 (basic saline)
  • Anesthesia from R4’000
  • Hospital fee from R11’000
  • Post op care and medications is normally inclusive in the overall cost.

So you can count on a total bill in the neighborhood of between R34’000 – R40’000.

All these breast implants cost will depend largely on where you have your procedure. Highly populated areas tend to have higher prices, as well as higher surgeon fees because of higher demand. Another cost to consider is if you also want a breast lift along with augmentation.

As far as the implants are concerned, silicone implants are somewhat more expensive than saline.

The facility fee will depend a lot on whether you go home as an outpatient, or stay overnight.

Other fees you might possibly encounter include prescriptions for medications and post-surgery garments.

There’s another breast implants cost you might possibly face. If you aren’t satisfied with the breast augmentation results, corrective surgery may be necessary. And that could wind up costing you more than the original surgery.

With that in mind, while choosing a breast implants surgeon, look carefully at his/her experience with breast augmentation. Also, how comfortable you are with your surgeon. These two things can make a BIG difference in your overall results.

So it’s difficult to say exactly what you will pay, but your doctor can tell you more specifically what to expect.

And you can NOT depend on insurance to pick up the tab. Most insurance policies don’t cover cosmetic procedures. And breast augmentation is cosmetic in nature. However, if your surgery is reconstruction because of a mastectomy due to cancer, insurance WILL pay.

One way you may get a discount on the total breast implants cost is to sign a model release, which will allow before and after photographs taken of you. Some surgeons have this discount, so you should ask if you’re interested.

Most surgeons will work with you on a payment plan you can handle. Just ask your surgeon.

And by all means choose wisely!

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