Breast Implant Size Guide

breast implant sizeWe live in a society obsessed with the size of breasts. This obsession borders on fanatic adulation and is viewed with almost a mystic adoration.  Celebrity status and popularity as well as feminism and sexuality are all associated with the size and shape of breasts (with revealing clothing becoming the norm) You have but to look at magazine covers, computer images and television to realize that this is true.

This is the impetus for seeking breast augmentation.  However, once the decision is made, how does one go about deciding which breast implant size is the most appropriate? Making that personal decision for yourself will give you more contentment and pleasure following the postoperative results.

Choosing the right breast implant size for you

Before making a decision on breast implant size, it is crucial to take accurate measurements of:

  • Distance between your breasts
  • Breast base width
  • Chest width
  • Symmetry of current breasts
  • Skin flexibility or laxity (to cover additional insertion).

An honest discussion with your cosmetic surgeon after a thorough evaluation is paramount to success.  Decide not only breast implant size preference but also shapes of breasts that appeal to you.  Bring in images of the breasts that you are considering and discuss these with the plastic surgeon with as many key features that you find appealing, as possible.

Discussing the breast size by correlation to bra size is immaterial as the size varies greatly depending on the style and manufacturer of the bra.  However, it can be the start to the discussion.

Remember, the chest width measurements come into play.  The space between your breasts and the breast size before the implants, will highly suggest whether or not you can achieve having cleavage present, regardless of implant size.  As the chest broadens, it is less likely that cleavage can be created by a larger breast implant size.

Implants are measured in volume, not shape and if shape alteration is desired, a breast lift is done along with the insertion of breast implants to firm up and raise your breasts.

Getting an Idea of Your Image with Increased Size

One suggestion is to fill a Ziploc (sandwich bag) with water to get an image of the breast implant size.

Allergan Inc. which manufactures the cohesive gel implant (gummy bear type) actually provides a pre-consultation kit.  This provides sample implants and bra to help visualize the breast size choices before surgery.

Try these on with clothing to get a better idea of how the enhancement will appear. Speak to your plastic surgeon if you would like a trial of this or a similar product.

Once the size decision is made, discuss this with the surgeon and strongly consider the medical opinion.  If the physician feels that your torso frame is too small for the size you have selected, strongly consider a smaller size.  If the size is too large, skin can be overstretched and thin out considerably.

Once this decision is made about your breast implants size, and agreed upon by your physician as the most appropriate for you, you will enjoy your new image for years to come!

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